Vol 54, No 2 (2016)

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Table of Contents


Classification of relative clause constructions in Old Hittite: a typological perspective PDF (Italiano)
Guglielmo Inglese 9-44
Latin oboedio: between phonological explanation and diastratic variation PDF
Francesco Giura 45-64
About dicae e faciae (Quint. Inst. I 7,11; IX 4,39) PDF (Italiano)
Francesco Rovai 65-89
Praeter consuetudinem. (Im)politeness and styles of communication in Rome PDF (Italiano)
Francesca Mencacci 91-115
Numina proelii? Remarks on some Germanic divine names PDF (Italiano)
Marco Battaglia 117-131


Speech Planning and Dynamics, Susanne Fuchs, Melanie Weirich, Daniel Pape and Pascal Perrier eds., and Individual Differences in Speech Production and Perception, Susanne Fuchs, Daniel Pape, Caterina Petrone and Pascal Perrier eds. PDF
Silvia Calamai 135-143
Edoardo Cavani’s Modeling Phonologization. Vowel reduction and epenthesis in Lunigiana dialects PDF (Italiano)
Lorenzo Filipponio 143-155

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