Aspetti prosodici dell’acquisizione linguistica: il caso delle interrogative polari tra Italiano e Spagnolo

Amparo Devìs Herraiz
Av. Llinars, 25 - Sant Julià d’Alfou - (Sant Antoni de Vilamajor) 08459 Barcelona (Spain)

Published 2010-01-16


The results proposed in this work are part of a work space that includ- ed the definition of the models prosodic Spanish of varieties of Madrid and Italian Venice and, describe the residues (phonetic) of L1 of inter- rogatives sentences, declaratives and suspensives in L2. For each case, you recognize, in the first place, the acoustic parameters in a position to mark the changes diatopiche (f0, duration, intensity, scaling), and, secondly, you pass interpretation phonologic, identifying the syllables prominent (according to the transcription ToBI) and noting the characteristics of pitch accents. The conclusions to be introduced here describe the events and the causes that hide the problems of acquisition and development of communicative competence oral L2 at the level soprasegmentale in these two varieties linguistics, and concern only the data relating to interroga- tives sentences.