V. 55 N. 2 (2017): Word Combinations: phenomena, methods of extraction, tools

Modelling French idioms in a lexical network

Marie-Sophie Pausé
Université de Lorraine & ATILF-CNRS

Pubblicato 2018-02-02

Parole chiave

  • idiom,
  • lexicology,
  • phraseology of the French language,
  • Explanatory Combinatorial Lexicology


This article proposes a model of description of idioms based on the Explanatory Combinatorial Lexicology’s framework. It combines identification of idioms’ lexical components and identification of dependency links between these components to form what we call a lexico-syntactic structure. This model will permit to predict formal variations of idioms thanks to the correlation of these variations with lexico-syntactic structures of idioms, but also with their lexicographic definitions.