A proposito di messapico <S(S)> / <š(š)>

Marco Ciceri


The purpose of this paper is to re-analyse sequences <s(s)>/<š(š)>, which in Messapic are traditionally interpreted as a result of *s+y (o *š+y).  In fact, in some cases, the comparison of onomastic bases inside Messapic allows to consider <s(s)>/<š(š)> as alternatives to <tq>/<q>/<qq>/<I > in the notation of nexus *t+y. Therefore, it follows a situation of symmetry in graphic choices which indicates the palatalisation of voiced dentals, either occlusive or spirant (< z>/<zz> < *-zy-, *-dy-), in relation with equivalent voiceless dentals  (<s(s)>/<š(š)> < *-sy-, *-ty-), in full agreement with what happens for the notation of non-palatalised spirant dentals, both primary and secondary (<z>, <s>/<š>).


messapico; iscrizioni messapiche; palatalizzazione; palatalizzazioni; fonetica della lingua messapica; alfabeto messapico; Restsprachen; morfologia derivativa e flessionale.

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